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16 Dec 2010
Influenza is a viral disease, usually caused by contact between the transmission from the cat. Antibiotics will not work on viruses, so treatment is usually to minimize the clinical symptoms of cats, through nutritionally balanced cat food to improve their resistance to protect the cat's life, until the cat spontaneous recovery.

But there is a preventive approach - vaccination, it can deal with the flu.

The performance of cat flu symptoms are cold, can also be the internal surface of the eye or mouth ulcers. Cats is caused by the smell of appetite, flu can cause olfactory not working, causing the cat's food intake decreased. Some cats will never be able to recover and become chronic in patients with influenza or "stuffy nose...

16 Dec 2010
Homemade dog food and the purchase of two points. Buy dog food generally has a scientific basis for the formulation and process special products can be stored for a long. Appearance of the sub-dry particles, atherosclerosis, water cans and so on. Among the most common dog food dry particles, is relatively cheap, such as "Bao Lu" 30 yuan a bag to eat more than 10 days; even open the package can also be kept for 60 days. Where the dog food to feed commodity Multi choose this. Dog food not keep atherosclerosis, and accounts for a large space, although the taste for good food but not easy to buy a puppy. Canned dog food a good taste also good nutrition can be down to 10 yuan a day, most people can not afford to feed.

At present, the...