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30 May 2011

Red wine containing 200 many beneficial nutrients, include sugar, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenol, and inorganic salt on human body very beneficial. It is necessary protect hair from damage of sunlight. Apart from this, choosing good products of hair is needed. GHD Hair Straighteners Buy from the website is a good choice. And GHD Flat Iron and GHD Mk4 Hair Straighteners are two top selling products.

Wine contains antioxidant content, can prevent cancer, anti-aging and platelet condenses into blockages. Hand and foot icy cold of women, can promote the blood circulation in red wine, let whole person look better. Women with mild anemia, red wine can raise blood, maintain beauty, make the skin becomes elastic.

30 May 2011

Skin yellow, dark and not angry, these are the consequences of skin hypoxia. As is known to all, the body will cause serious consequence oxygen and even threaten life safety, that if the skin anoxia? It is necessary protect hair from damage of sunlight. Apart from this, choosing good products of hair is needed. GHD Hair Straighteners Buy from the website is a good choice. And GHD Flat Iron and GHD Mk4 Hair Straighteners are two top selling products. Oxygen is the source of life, lack of oxygen metabolism will be slow; Lack of oxygen, the skin will lose its luster, and lose angry. You must filling oxygen for your skin.

16 Dec 2010
Cat, nature smart, instinctive considered particularly prominent family. The quality of the cat's emotions, a little attention as long as the cat owner would come to judge. It was pleased when the owner or small objects and frolic, it is quite unhappy when they Angtou neck, coarse erect, whiskers vibrate, and issued "Fu Fu" sounds. Cats generally like warm, cold and warm seasons should pay attention to the cat problem.

Many indications that the incidence of cats for some rich premonition of danger, such as earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. It was speculated that the cat may have a sixth sense of human organs that are not.

Cats are the most intelligent animal kind, it's very cautious, usually the voice of the minor or...

16 Dec 2010
The eyes should also be pet care. So, let's look at how to protect your pet's eyes it!

Some of the big eye, lacrimal gland secretion of many dogs, often from the same stuff out of the eyes tear, making hair color below the eyes, such as Beijing dog, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Poodles, etc., so should always check the dogs eyes. When the dogs suffering from some infectious diseases (such as distemper, etc.), especially those who suffer from eye disease, often cause eyelid swelling, eye memory, how the amount of product or purulent discharge mucus, this time to elaborate on the eye treatment and care .

Protection methods are: cotton with 2% boric acid (also available cold water) from outside angles gently wipe the eye and can not wipe the eyes...

16 Dec 2010
We humans, such as physical discomfort can be expressed through language, while the dog not feeling well, then how to inform the owners? So dog owners should have some Kennel common sense. Usually through body temperature, pulse, the conjunctiva or the mucous membrane inside the cheek to understand the dog's physical condition.

Temperature measurement: a dog, like humans, to know its physical condition, we must first temperature. Body temperature method is the mercury thermometer into the dog's anus, wait a moment, you can come up with observation. The dog's average body temperature is 38.0 - 39.O ℃. In general, puppies and small dogs high body temperature, large dog's body temperature is relatively low. Quiet, if the dog's normal...

16 Dec 2010
Many cat owners know that chocolate can not be fed to cats, but may not know the reasons for not feeding. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, it contains theobromine poisoning can make dogs and cats. Most dogs like to eat chocolate, can cats are very sensitive to the theobromine. Methylxanthines theobromine are chemical substances, and part of this series is the most famous chemical caffeine, chocolate also contain caffeine.

Cat enzymes in the body than the performance of theobromine metabolism in humans is low, theobromine on the digestive system, cardiovascular system and central nervous system is very large. Theobromine toxicity symptoms caused by diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heart beat, blood pressure, excitement, convulsions and even...

16 Dec 2010
Feel relaxed and calm, the cat lying down or sitting, pupils shrunk to a straight line, eyes half open, or even close. It will easily wash their hands before use, wash ears. Lie down, stretch the body forward, or the body into a ball. Have slept when it will be low after the high ground before the front legs extended.

Happy, relaxed to say hello, stood still upright, straight tail, tail tip around gently shake. Yang head, eyes narrowed. To be close to you, ready like a baby, sitting, pupil slightly put, large tail erect, or gently rolling, one felt that it looked like over. Hello. Coquetry, it will around your feet, keep dawdling with the head. You put it on the table, it will use head, jaw, grinding your face constantly.

Welcome, when...

16 Dec 2010
Leisure time in the afternoon, put a piece of silky smooth chocolate in the mouth, Do not. . What a pleasant experience. At such times, how much you want to share this moment. Of course, if it can not find the person, next to the piece of Liuzhuokoushui dog may be a good sharing of objects. Keep a dog's friends certainly know that these friends do not speak like himself, is very keen on sweets. So, how do you lock eyes innocent eyes bear it is saying it?

Dogs eating chocolate poisoning, although it sounds more like "Vitamin C is equal to arsenic plus shrimp," and other similar rumors, but, dear reader, this is true.

In the U.S., chocolate dog poisoning is caused by five common items, one of the remaining four in the automotive...

16 Dec 2010
First, assess the dog's "observational learning ability"
First select a dog you do not usually go out for walk, make sure your dog was on around you, and are sober. When the dog is watching you, quietly take your coat, keys, and the dog's collar ... ... (usually time to take it to bring things out), then stop, do not move. If the dog ran to the door full of excitement or run to you, please give him 5 points. If the dog is not such a response, please direct to the door stopped, if the dog then ran to you, show you want to go out for a walk or expectations, please give 4 points. If the dog not to respond, please put your hand on the door handle, pull back and forth to make noise. If the dog running toward you at this time, please give 3...

16 Dec 2010
Dog rope pull method is the correct dog training key to success. For example, dog owners walk over toward the other direction, or when the issue at that moment the rope is passed affecting the signal to stop, then immediately relax the rope. This series of actions are completed within a very short time, so pull the right string method is extremely important.

First of all, firmly in the right hand in a noose, and maintain proper relaxation, the left hand rope in the left waist. The state of the rope should be from the dog's collar a little place down, to maintain a certain relaxation. Dog owners should always pay attention to the location is correct, whether there is the phenomenon of pulling the rope. Otherwise, the purpose of training...