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29 Sep 2011
Repin may be the prior attributed 19th century Russian required realism painting among the important representative, he has produced genuinely several of folk paintings, framed art portraits and historical side, "trackers concerning the Volga," is acknowledged for his role. This item of craft groundwork gave the world to maintain some sort of shock, but in addition the groundwork of Russian paintings and revolutionary advances framed paintings inside of your landmark work. The photo of his characters particular and profound, and may be the spirit from the country suffering the concentrated expression. thinking about how oil paintings the Russian craft critics Costa Denisov said: "Please maintain a glance at Repin's painting" trackers concerning the Volga "it, you should admit that people do not dare to select this sort within the theme, and also you have in no way witnessed this sort of deep, stirring to describe Russia's necessary crucial essential oil paintings of people's lives. "Repin deep on this item depicts the distinctive photo of 11 trackers, which was the bottom of neighborhood and Seascape painting also the fate of functioning folks a right portrayal of life, but in addition a painter inside of the tsarist regime indictment.


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