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02 Sep 2011
When in 1775, oil paintings for sale  following the Louis David (Neoclassicism painter) came to Rome to study, from the ancient city of Pompeii brought to light the artistic heritage of not only David, the great Roman bath in the glorious classical art under the allowing him to understand its social base - the Roman republic. Pre-French Revolution, framed art David did not hesitate to stand on the bourgeois side.
Mara, MD, a physicist, one of the leaders of the Jacobins, because of suffering from eczema, a day to soak in the bathtub naked office. Charlotte royalist aristocracy Emperor Keer Dai is female because it is easy to feel that he will succeed the assassinated and the choice of the horse, or non-killing horse can not, do not know.
Mara died, oil painting the French national union, the citizens on behalf of Hill shouted excitedly: "David! Where are you? You left for future generations Lay devotion for the motherland than the image of the column association Aye, now you should be Draw a picture! pick up your brush, the horse revenge, let the enemy see the horse-drawn scene of the assassination of shivering, which is the demands of the people! "


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