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30 Aug 2011
    Betty's first "boom" is heard well up big, oil painting looked through the Mongolian of tears, that picture has witnessed the trauma of war, but still intact. Painting of the boy is still so depressed, so beautiful; head of the Corolla is still bright, the background is still fragrant bouquet; first childhood memories are still vivid painting, but she was the only still living alone, and another boy, where? Betty raised the brand to think about it. The last auction, the price has been referred to the 28,000 U.S. dollars, was the world famous painting on auction, this price has reached a high no one is interested. Third tone asked, after a wood down, framed paintings the painting finally fell into the hands of Betty. Betty brought a painting home. Along the way, did not break off her tears, she was very clear that this picture of the encounter is steven husband suffered a microcosm of their own holding, and it is the young of heart. Since then, the painting has been the family's private collection in the Ge Luni study until 5 years after the end of the term, framed art Mr. Ge Luni back home in Boston when this picture was followed Gelu Ni couple returned to the United States.


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