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23 Aug 2011

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," framed art Sha Qi painting, more focus on the overall implication of certainty, by pen financial, line and color enjoy talk to the hearts of ideas, "to achieve the cathartic effect. For details of the characterization is often the point to date, not most of the ink and deliberately crafted to spend his entire frame of the screen, point, line and plane structure, such as creating the actual situation and atmosphere, always reflect the view into the overall demeanor.
For the overall grasp, often have a "degree" of the problem, oil painting which in turn and then that the ground state of mind, some sense of satisfaction when the fashion, after another shortcoming of the work, can not help but do some adjustments. This time, Sha Qi is often shown at more than normal, "must sell" the courage, the completion of the finished product has to be drastic, "destruction", his family thought he was attracted Yu Shuji relapse, intoxication, it is often painted on his works of hiding. The presence of a suitable value me, Sha Qi painting over the old wife's room came the screams: "Come on people, but also in blind Nongnong," oil paintings and we rushed to the studio, Sha Qi Han Xiao face was naughty, I am thrilled , afterwards, I had to persuade the remaining families, so any of their dependents sand "blind get" Well, the fact that, after the adjusted unified work with a deeper implication; This also illustrates the Sha Qi judge of his own mind artistic level of the scale, just as the local folks said: "Sha Qi suffering from neuropathy, However, oil paintings for sale only the art of this nerve is unusually strong sound."



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