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04 Aug 2011

Russian oil painting originated in the 18 th century Peter the great's period of the east and the west, oil paintings it has culture color, vivid realism painting idea, deep, heavy, atmosphere, have thick idealism feelings, people to experience to Russian painters attention to reality, deeply loves the life, and paying attention to the basic techniques of the excellent traditional art works, ru-hua, give a person with tender feelings, the aesthetic feeling of warmth. At treasure art nets treasure Jane mall collected in the different styles of Russian oil painting beautiful scenery, the truthfulness of nature by Tibetan friend of many picture heart, framed art present a quiet and pure and fresh artistic atmosphere.

Canvas painting and calligraphy porcelain miscellaneous jade artist online pat coin Russia oil painting art has the construction in the Chinese oil painting of a period of important development history of China, the development of art has produced positive and the profound influence, and more close to the Chinese aesthetic temperament and interest, whether the artistic conception of the natural scenery, deep deep and remote shape lifelike scene depicting or simple true portrait, always can bring us a special kind of close and moved. This picture of the spring describes the sunny spring blooms scenery, along with the breeze gently moves branches and leaves, grass of wild flowers bloom, all bright be permeated with the breath of life, and shadow is in place, oil painting the grasp of the whole picture will reflect incisively and vividly awaits, send out a unique artistic glamour.

Canvas painting and calligraphy porcelain miscellaneous jade artist online take money according to BaoWang bo relevant controller introduces, in the world art hall on Russian oil painting art, has important position, can say is the world art treasure trove of treasure, bright the origin of the Russian paintings can be used throughout the history of the world most value to the collection. This picture of the still life-tea drink. Wild flowers of oil painting describes the table of Russian wild flowers and the teapot still life, framed paintings apply colours to a drawing of a quiet atmosphere, blue flowers has the dreamy color, with the whole picture, let people experience, as if he were feeling the tea in a wild flowers, flowers, animates the nose, will the beauty of nature real and life, thus bring viewers and carefree life breath, sending out artistic beauty.


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