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26 Jul 2011
"If a painting framed art can only scribble a few pen, it can only be Cy Twombly of."
Cy Twombly, was "The New York Times" as the 20th century's greatest contemporary artists. Even if the pace of his deviant art and oil paintings post-war American art movement that is inconsistent, oil painting does not prevent him from those who scribble graffiti as childlike way, implanted memories of ancient culture and history of works in the auction were sold for high prices the last time. He set the style of abstract expressionism, framed paintings minimalism and pop art of the Great, was regarded as the greatest following Pollock after contemporary artists. His most well-known graffiti abstract works to break the boundaries between drawing and painting.

July 5, the "circle painting" art urchin, who retained the wild, unfettered, "the old knight, dreamers, and trouble-making" in Rome, died aged 83. Fortunately, we can still paint those he left behind in the freedom of imagination, continue to explore the mysterious land of art.


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