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16 Jul 2011

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First, eliminate fatigue.

Vinegar can accelerate human body blood circulation, increase carry oxygen of hemoglobin, improve the ability of the body and fatigue of oxygen because in state of each system, strengthen metabolism, be helpful for the body of the waste gas and carbon dioxide from, so that the human body to relax, fatigue.

Second, treat for sleep disorders.

Every day with vinegar to soak the foot and a half hours, can coordinate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve excitement degree, adjust, regulating, the tensions, and the nerve gas, prudent balance Yin and Yang meridians, insist on time, can greatly change the quality of sleep, cure insomnia, dream, wake up early and sleep disturbances.

Three, strengthen the body.

Foot is the root of people, foot have important therapeutic value of the reflection district 75, vinegar can penetrate the skin, strengthen the foot surface blood circulation, activation, strengthen the organ function, keep clear of human body blood garbage and lesions, cure many chronic diseases of sediment.

In addition, to use vinegar to soak the foot can also increase the elasticity of the skin, make skin smooth; also can dispel rheumatism, and improve chills afraid of the cold, human body symptoms. In short to use vinegar to soak the foot has a lot of effect, simple and practical.


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