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07 Jul 2011

After the sun don't immediately wash my face. Skin down to normal temperature with warm water after washing a face, the grandma had better use contain milk and honey, moisturizing effect. After the clean face with some can contain moisture more skin care products.

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After skin feels the heat insolation, itching should be a cold compress, so as to reduce the skin temperature, reduce damage, and the sooner, the better. Compared to common cold water of a cold compress, cold milk external effects are better. Because of the milk have inflammation and convergence for skin. In addition also can be used for 1.9% of salt concentration wound, apply is in with fresh yogurt apply is on the wound also more effective. More serious sunburn, take an aspirin can effectively promote skin repair. If large sunburn, you should immediately to see the doctor.

Sunburnt must pay attention to the less sweet food, meat, etc acid food, so as not to affect the vitamin B group of metabolism and cause blain, black head. In addition, to drinking lots of water, eat cooked tomatoes, contains a lot of lycopene, can help repair sunburnt skin. In addition, it also should eat watermelon, lemon and orange and yellow red fruits and vegetables.


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