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16 Jun 2011

Generally speaking, bitter foods are slightly bitter taste, rich sweet, with detoxification function, and can clear away heat. Balsam pear has cultivated polyester hot, bright eye the effect of detoxification. Scientists to balsam pear contains composition analysis, found the existing in the balsam pear with obvious physiological activity of cancer proteins, the protein can stimulate the body immune system function, increase defense immune cells in the body, eliminate the activity of the harmful material. It is important to make a beautiful hairstyle for young girls today. GHD product is the best choice. GHD Straighteners Pink and GHD Mk4 Flat Iron are available, and there is Cheap GHD Hair Straightener and Framed Oil Painting online. It is cheaper buy GHD hair straighteners online than local store. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bittersweet smell of tea, small cold, can alleviate many kinds of toxins. The tea contains a rich active substances tea polyphenols, with detoxification role. Tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant can remove active oxygen free radicals; the heavy metal ion precipitation or reduction and can be used as a biological alkali poisoning the antidote. In addition, tea polyphenols can improve the body of antioxidant capacity, reduce the blood fat, high blood coagulation ease condition, enhance elasticity, prevent cell thrombosis, ease, or delay the atherosclerosis and the occurrence of high blood pressure.


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